Control Each Device Based on Peripheral

Specific Events

Automatic Diagnostics and Repair Commands

Provides the tools needed to help detect, diagnose, and rectify device issues from a remote location, and enabling users to proactively respond to incidents before your customers are aware an issue exists.

  • Receive automatic notifications when problems are detected.
  • Remote Repair actions (i.e. restart applications, reboot, scripts and more).
  • Remote Diagnostic Actions (diagnostic logs, screenshots, etc.)

Escalation Rules

Esprida LiveControl is equipped with industry leading monitoring tools designed to detect and handle device issues such as errors or configurations.  Escalations are designed to streamline support operations they can:

  • Detect if problem exists
  • Run diagnostic and repair commands
  • Notify support team
  • if problem has not been resolved, repeat.

One-to-Many Rule Assignments

Proactively set pre-defined user rules to multiple devices within your network to automatically fix and repair device errors based on device type, customer.

  • Implement proactive rules to automatically repair devices.
  • Manage scheduled maintenance activities.

One-to-Many commands

Assign and change advanced commands and properties for multiple devices within your deployment network.

  • Remotely perform mass repair actions.
  • Gather diagnostic data from many devices simultaneously.
  • Change advanced settings and properties for devices.

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