Continuous insight and control over the

productivity of any deployment

Real-Time Response

Anticipate and prevent service issues by having real time data processed through each device. Problems can be detected and resolved early by instantly initiating a prompt response before minor issues become major, resulting in quick resolution response time.

  • Instant Communication.
  • Small Message Sizes.
  • All communications are encrypted and sent over secure channels.

3G & LTE Optimization

Esprida LiveControl supports a unique monitoring system which enables users to remotely monitor and manage their devices through a 3G network, enabling users to carry out real-time remote management throughout their device network.

  • Loosely Connected Communication.
  • Automatic Retry.

Scalable Architecture

SupportsĀ Windows, Linux, and iOS endpoints with a single management platform that anticipates your needs as the number of endpoints grow.

  • Supports clustering.
  • Supports multiple databases (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL).
  • Agent support for Windows, Linux, and iOS.

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