Proactively Manage your Devices on any Cloud-Based Platform

A smarter way to work and drive profitability

Esprida LiveControl™ (‘LiveControl) is a scalable, secured endpoint device management platform for real-time monitoring, support, software updates and analysis. Virtually any endpoint device (computer, tablet, mobile device, POS, and embedded computer) can be connected to the central platform. This cloud-based service helps companies:
  • Decrease Service Costs
  • Implement proactive support models
  • Automate processes
  • And analyze business activity


Remote Management for Digital Signage

Digital Signage solutions powered by Esprida LiveControl offer access to advanced tools that allow you to manage your business and greatly lower operational costs. Digital signage operators need remote management to offer better service at a lower cost, minimize response time, and maximize the availability and reach of advertising on their networks. Esprida offers unique capabilities benefits:
  • Manage one to many
  • Manage digital signage – even while offline
  • Remotely schedule display on/off
  • Monitor uptime of backend servers
  • Monitor display with RS232 controls
  • Alarms if player software freezes


Decrease Service Costs

Esprida LiveControl includes remote monitoring and remote diagnostic tools that constantly inform service engineers about the physical status of self-service equipment and enables them to remotely diagnose and resolve problems that occur in the field without dispatching a service staff.

Gain Visibility over Your Assets

With Esprida LiveControl, you can gain near real time insight into your assets from both a technical and business perspective. Your support team will greatly value knowing the hardware, software and geographic aspects of a device when they are solving problems. They are no longer wasting time (and thus money) doing initial diagnostics to gather asset data. This information has already been gathered by Esprida LiveControl and is available for their use.

Remotely Control Your Machines

Enable support experts to remotely control the endpoint device and provide training, problem resolution, and problem diagnostic tasks. Display the remote computer screen on your screen in real time, and use your own keyboard and mouse to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix problems without opening special ports or administer firewalls.

Update Software Remotely

Esprida LiveControl is used to remotely install, activate and track software updates, operating system patches and advertising packages to your endpoint device. Content distributions have scheduling, and time-window features to control bandwidth utilization on shared networks. Once distributed, content can be scheduled to run custom installation, un-installation, activation, and deactivation scripts.