Expertise, Innovation, Success.

Esprida is an innovative technology company that has been helping organizations increase the value of their technologies since 2002. The world is getting connected; by 2015 there will be more internet-connected devices than people on the planet. Our vision is to help companies manage and integrate the devices, people-interactions, and processes into their core business. We help them overcome challenges related to: asset management, systems management, service automation, business intelligence, intelligent device management and more. Our software is built to optimize corporate functionality across multiple platforms and markets with enterprise scalability.

Esprida is a company that has been at the forefront of the growing demand for remote-management software to control and manage intelligent devices: self-service kiosks, embedded equipment, machines and sensors. Enterprises are taking advantage of unprecedented growth in the M2M industry and leveraging advancements in wireless communications to develop innovative solutions. Such solutions are increasingly becoming a key part of enterprise sales and support strategies, empowering major enterprises to: capture and retain new customers, open new sales channels, and greatly increase customer satisfaction, while dramatically reducing overall sales and customer service and support costs.

Major retail chains, financial institutions and federal and state government agencies have chosen Esprida to help them drive revenue and support their customers in innovative ways and we are always thankful for their belief in our company, technology, value and team of extremely dedicated and experienced professionals. With their support, Esprida powers the worlds largest self-service network under a single infrastructure, controlling over 150,000 peripherals and devices across 5 continents, and in 20 + languages – all able to be controlled from a single desktop.


The M2M 100 is a directory of the most important and influential machine-to-machine technology providers as determined by the editors of M2M magazine and its editorial advisory board. It is designed to provide a snapshot of companies with the greatest impact on its direction.

Esprida is an active member of the Self-Service & Kiosk Association (SSKA) Advisory Board. The SSKA is the only professional membership association serving the needs and promoting the interests of companies engaged in the self-service and kiosk industry.