Value-Added Solutions for

your Business

Rebrand & Customize the solution

Esprida LiveControl enables users to fully customize and build their brand by offering the ability to rebrand the solution with their name and logo, allowing businesses to differentiate themselves and sell their own products.

  • White Labelling, Rebranding, and Reselling
  • Brand Esprida LiveControl with your own logo or customers’ logos
  • Provide a complete solution for customers

All-in-One Solution for OEMs, Distributors, Resellers and End-Users

Extend reseller service offerings with Esprida LiveControl to provide a more complete end-to-end solution to your customers.

  • Single remote management tools for OEMs, Distributors and Manufacturers
  • Integrate your products to provide specialized services for customers
  • Customize your own reports
  • Repair commands for your devices

Generate Revenue

Esprida LiveControl enables OEMs to offer remote management capability as a charge-able product enhancement to their customers.

  • Recurring Revenue Stream
  • Build a closer/on-going relationship with customers
  • Monitor product usage patterns

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